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    SlapOS Tutorial - Manage SlapOS Network

    FINAL - Document showing how to manage tickets on a SlapOS system.
    • Last Update:2020-05-25
    • Version:001
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    Manage SlapOS Network

    This tutorial covers all aspects of managing a SlapOS network. It will show how tickets can be used to handle incident tickets or questions from system users and how to setup RSS feeds for incoming tickets.

    Table of Contents

    • Handle Tickets in SlapOS System

    Handle Tickets in SlapOS System

    SlapOS is using promises and tickets to manage network performance. Promises monitor the status of computers and instantiated services. Whenever a Promise fails (eg a computer is not responding for a certain amount of time) a new ticket is created. Thus managing a network means handling tickets and investigating why the ticket had been created.

    Note that for adding messages and creating tickets by hand, it is required to be logged in as a regular SlapOS user. It is not possible to work with tickets as a superuser.

    Ticket Creation

    SlapOS Interface - Landing Page with Alarm

    Whenever a promise fails and a ticket is created, it is visible on the landing page map and table.

    Ticket List

    SlapOS Interface - Ticket List

    Click Tickets on the side menu and open the ticket list. Then select a ticket.

    Ticket Information

    SlapOS Interface - Ticket View

    The ticket will display information that could be gathered. It is possible to add messages to ticket to keep track of follow-up actions. To add a message, click Add in the subheader.

    Add Ticket Message

    SlapOS Interface - Add Ticket Message

    Add a message and once you are done, click Proceed

    Ticket with Message History

    SlapOS Interface - Ticket Message History

    The ticket always displays the complete message history.

    Ticket with Message History Expanded

    SlapOS Interface - Ticket Message Histroy Expanded

    This way it is easy to follow-up and monitor the ongoing status of a ticket.

    Add Ticket Manually

    Slapos Interface - Add Ticket Manually

    To manually add a ticket, in the Tickets list, click Add.

    Define Ticket

    SlapOS Interface - Define Ticket

    Fill out the form and make sure to select a Ticket-Type. Click Proceed when you are finished.

    Saved Ticket

    SlapOS Interface - Save Ticket

    This will save the ticket.

    View Ticket on Computer

    SlapOS Interface - View Ticket on Computer

    Tickets generated automatically or manually (Add Ticket) on a specific computer will be visible in the global list of tickets and on the computer.

    Get Ticket RSS Link

    SlapOS Interface - Get Ticket Rss Link on Dashboard

    You can use the RSS link on the SlapOS Dashboard to get an RSS link.

    Copy Ticket RSS Link

    SlapOS Interface - Copy Ticket Rss Link

    Copy the Rss Link.

    Load Ticket RSS Link on Reader

    SlapOS Interface - Load Rss Link on Reader

    Load the RSS link on your RSS reader.

    Load Ticket RSS Link on External Device

    External - Display Ticket RSS Link on external device

    Load the RSS link on an external device/smartphone.

    Get Computer RSS Link

    SlapOS Interface - Display RSS Feed for a computer only

    Selecting RSS Link on a computer will limit the RSS feed to a computer only.

    Get Instance RSS Link

    SlapOS Interface - Display RSS Feed for a instance only

    Selecting RSS Link on an instance will limit the RSS feed to this instance only.

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