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    A page to explain how to Join SlapOS community.
    • Last Update:2011-07-25
    • Version:001
    • Language:en

    The SlapOS source code is located on the Git repositories of VIFIB SARL, the original creator of SlapOS, with fully synced mirrors on GitoriousGitHub and OW2.

    SlapOS has two official repositories : "SlapOS.core", which contains the main codebase for SlapOS (including Slapgrid, SlapOS Master, libslap, etc), and "SlapOS", containing all the profiles and the recipes you can install with SlapOS (including generic recipes, templates, application profiles, etc).

    If you want to contribute, you have several choices : fork us onGitHub, fork us on Gitorious, or join one of the companies behind SlapOS.

    Before contributing, be sure to have learnt the concepts of SlapOS.


    Contribute to the Ecosystem : Fork SlapOS

    This case is for you if you want to :

      - Use SlapOS to run your existing Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. application,

      - Create new recipes to implement new technologies for distributed cloud computing, support new languages or provide new approaches to backup or elasticity.

    Fork us on GitHub, or Fork us on Gitorious.


    Contribute to the Core system : Fork SlapOS.core

    This case is for you if you want to :

      - Create new themes or new billing approaches for your own cloud or SaaS, thus modifying SlapOS Master,

      - Port SlapOS to another operating system (OpenBSD, NetNBS, FreeBSD, Android, MacOS X, Windows, etc.) on which GNU libraries and gcc can be ported.

    Fork us on GitHub, or Fork us on Gitorious.