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    How To Request For SlapOS Master Panel

    How To Request For SlapOS Master Panel
    • Last Update:2021-11-10
    • Version:001
    • Language:en


    • Access SlapOS Master ERP5
    • Access SlapOS Master Website
    • Request Frontend
    • Verification

    This tutorial teaches you how to request a frontend for SlapOS Master Interface. 


    Before starting, please make sure that you have: 

    • Deployed a SlapOS Master
    • Configured it properly
    • Knew how to request a Rapid.Space CDN

    If you don't have above prerequisites ready yet, please first get them ready by following tutorials below: 

    Access SlapOS Master ERP5

    Access the Traditional ERP5 according to the approach you deployed the SlapOS master, using inituser-login and inituser-password from request.

    slapos_jio installed

     Open https://[SlapOS-Master-ERP5-URL]/#/portal_templates/ and search for slapos_jio in the Name column to verify if it's installed.

    Access SlapOS Master Website

    Open https://[URL]/erp5/web_site_module/hostingjs/,(the last slash "/" is needed). The modern ERP5 interface is already there for you. What we want to do next is to request a frontend for it, so that we can access it easily instead of appending /erp5/web_site_module/hostingjs/. "zope" account is not acceptable on this website, you are supposed to create a new account by following How To Create User in Slapos Master.

    Request a CDN in Rapid.Space for Modern ERP5

    Following steps in How to Request a Rapid.Space CDN to get a free CDN.

    Please fill up the following fields in the configuration page:

    • "Title": this is the title of your frontend, it is just for naming the service inside the panel, which will be displayed in the list of Services. It is recommended to name it from your domain.
    • "Backend URL" : Set the IPv6(family-default-v6) provided by the request. 
    • "Backend Type": Set it to "zope"
    • "type:zope Backend Path": set it to "/erp5/web_site_module/hostingjs/" (the last slash "/" is needed)


    • Get URL from connection parameter of the CDN
    • Access SlapOS Master Panel


    Get URL from connection parameter of the CDN. Access ERP5 using inituser-login and inituser-password from request

    Now you have 4 URLs for SlapOS Master:

    1. Theia IDE: SlapOS Master deployed
    2. SlapOS Master Traditional ERP5 requested right after the deployment
    3. SlapOS Master Modern ERP5 requested to replace the Traditional ERP5 interface
    4. SlapOS Master Panel requested in this tutorial