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    Web Runner Request ERP5

    • Last Update:2016-11-10
    • Version:001
    • Language:en

    Request Parameters for pre-built ERP5 environment

    Here are the parameters needed to request the runner to build an ERP5 development environment

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <parameter id="instance-amount">15</parameter>
      <parameter id="slapos-software">software/erp5</parameter>
      <parameter id="slapos-reference">master</parameter>
      <parameter id="auto-deploy">true</parameter>
      <parameter id="autorun">true</parameter>
      <parameter id="slapos-software-type">create-erp5-site</parameter>
      <parameter id="parameter-_">{}</parameter>
      <parameter id="custom-frontend-backend-url">https://[2001:67c:1544:9cf::856c]:2153/</parameter>
      <parameter id="custom-frontend-backend-type">zope</parameter>

    Here is a detail of the parameters:

    • slapos-software: relative path of the directory hosting the 'software.cfg' file to use, here erp5
    • slapos-reference: Commit/Branch of reference to use for the slapos repository
    • auto-deploy: Set to true, the runner will build the software release selected previously
    • autorun: Set to true, the runner will automatically deploy the services
    • slapos-software-type: Software type to use for instance inside the runner. Here it will allow to create automatically ERP5 inside zope.
    • instance-amount: Number of available instances in the Runner, the default one, 10, is a bit short for ERP5
    • parameter-_: Using "parameter-MYPARAMETERNAME" argument, I'm able to configure my ERP5 instance passing it the parameter '_'
    • custom-frontend-backend-url: Added after the ERP5 is ready in order to set an ipv4 access to ERP5
    • custom-frontend-backend-type: Set to 'zope', frontend will use special rewrite rule compatible with a zope backend

    Note 1 : If you apply these parameters to a running runner, you will need to restart the runner using the vifib interface (click on the Stop button, then click on the Start button) for them to take effect.

    Note 2 : Once the autodeploy and autorun parameters have been set to true, "slapos node software" (build) and "slapos node instance" will be run periodically.