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    Web Runner Connection Information

    XXX CLN: reference should be updated to specify it is to deploy ERP5 A step by step guide to allocate ERP5 instances with SlapOS either through VIFIB Web user interface
    • Last Update:2016-11-10
    • Version:001
    • Language:en

    Web Runner Connection Parameters

    Here are displayed all the information needed to access webrunner' services

    1. Access Url: Url to set up your account and then login into your webrunner
    2. Backend Url: ipv6 url to directly access your runner
    3. Git public Url: public url of your repositories.
    4. Git private Url: private url for your repositories. You can use it to push
    5. Monitor Password : Default monitor password 
    6. Monitor Url: Monitor feed url
    7. Monitor User: Default monitor user
    8. Monitor Setup Url: Url to access the monitoring interface of your instance. Default password is "passwordtochange". Use this url to get the recovery code needed to set up your runner 
    9. Public Url: Url of the public folder of your runner
    10. SSH command: used to access your runner in ssh when you provided a ssh public key
    11. Takeover runner password and url: Takeover url is used to take over as a main owner 
    12. Url: Url to access your runner once you set your account
    13. Webdav url: url for webdav access of your runner it access the root of your runner. Same users as the one for the runner