All SlapOS code is licensed under the GPL v3 license. The SLAP library itself is licensed under the LGPL license.

SlapOS Node Disk Image

SlapOS system image is the fastest way to create a SlapOS node either on a real dedicated PC or using a virtual machine. It can be downloaded from SuSE Studio at the following URL:

Once the image has been download, you can create a new SlapOS node by following the tutorial "How to Create SlapOS Node from Image".

SlapOS Node package

SlapOS Node package is the best way to run SlapOS on your laptop or desktop PC and contribute to SlapOS community cloud. Binary packages for GNU/Linux distributions are available, Windows, MacOS and BSD will be available soon.

slapgrid packages
Distribution Version Download
Debian 0.136 Instructions
CentOS 0.136 Instructions
Ubuntu 0.136 Instructions
Fedora 0.136 Instructions
OpenSuSE 0.136 Instructions
Mandriva coming soon coming soon
MacOS coming soon coming soon
FreeBSD coming soon coming soon
Windows coming soon coming soon

SlapOS Master

There is no binary package for SlapOS Master because... there is no need for such a package. SlapOS Master can be boostrapped from slapgrid daemon, by following the SlapOS Master instantiation how-to.

Thanks to binary caching provided (in the future) by SlapOS, the bootstrap process (will) only take a few seconds.

SlapOS Recipes

SlapOS officially supported recipes are contained in a python distribution named "slapos.cookbook", published on PyPI. SlapOS can also use non-official recipes, likely to be also on the PyPI index.

Source Code

SlapOS source code is located on the Git repositories of VIFIB SARL, the original creator of SlapOS, with fully synced mirrors on GitoriousGitHub and OW2.

SlapOS has two official repositories : "SlapOS.core", which contains the main codebase for SlapOS (including Slapgrid, SlapOS Master, libslap, etc), and "SlapOS", containing all the profiles and the recipes you can install with SlapOS (including generic recipes, templates, application profiles, etc).

If you want to contribute, please Join the Community.


SlapOS Source Code
Repository Clone (Read only) Web view GitHub Gitorious OW2

SlapOS Core

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Debian unofficial packages are maintained.

  • slapos-client is the same as the official slapos-client package and is officially supported
  • slapos-node-unofficial is an experimental package. It is based on Debian native python runtime unlike the official SlapOS package which embeds its own python runtime. Using this package may lead in some rare cases to errors which would not happen in the official package.