Deploy Software on Webrunner

How To Deploy Software on a Webrunner

This document will show how to deploy a software release on a SlapOS Webrunner. The process can be used for any software available on the SlapOS repository. Note, that the Webrunner is behaves like a SlapProxy (see SlapOS architecture) in that it contains a "mini SlapOS Master" that can provide a single software. Instantiating a Webrunner thus means, creating a smaller encapsulated system for then deploying another software inside. This is a useful approach for developing or hosting simple software releases.

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Deploy Software

This section will show how to access a webrunner and deploy a software. The screenshots show deployment of the helloworld software release, also used to explain how to extend a software release.

Access Webrunner

SlapOS Interface - Webrunner Connection Parameters

Locate the connection parameter on your webrunner service. You can access the webrunner using the url and logging in with init-user and init-password.

Webrunner Landing Page

Webrunner Interface - Landing Page

On the Webrunner landing page, select Open Software Release

Locate Software Directory

Webrunner Interface - Locate Software Directory

Locate the Software directory which contains a list of all software releases available on the webrunner. The list is based on the official SlapOS software repository.

Select Helloworld Software

Webrunner Interface - Select Software

Select the Helloworld Software Release, then click Open Software.

Confirm Helloworld Software

Webrunner Interface - Confirm Software

Click Save unless modification of the software release is required before deploying the default version. Then click the green arrow to start build and instantiation.

Build Status

Webrunner Interface - Deployment Status

Once saved the deployment of the software will begin. Deployment can take anywhere from a few minutes (simple software, already compiled) to several hours. The log panel will inform of any errors or warnings encountered during deployment.

Build Finished

Webrunner Interface - Deployment Finished

The top indicator Building State will show the result of (re-)building the software release. If it fails, errors are likley in software.cfg. The bottom indicator shows the Running State which indicates whether an instance could successfully be deployed from the software release. Errors in this part are likley to be found in

Once both indicators switch to green, the software is deployed and ready to use.

Inspect Services

Webrunner Interface - Inspect Services

Click on Services in the subheader to open the list of running services. The services defined in the software.cfg file should be running.

Inspect Connection Parameters

Webrunner Interface - Inspect Connection Parameters

The connection parameters tab displays the parameters defined in the

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