Set Node Access Permissions

Set Node Access Permissions

How To Set Server Access Permissions

This document explains how manage users and permissions in a network.

Depending on the section in this document, it is required to have:

Table of Content

  • Set Computer Allocation Scope
  • Give Administrator Permission to User
  • Associate User with Project/Site

Set Computer Allocation Scope

Allocation Scope can be set on a computer in the SlapOS Dashboard. It is a base category in ERP5 ([IPv4]/erp5/portal_categories/allocation_scope). In the SlapOS Dashboard, allocation scope is a parameter settable on a computer/server to denote global accessability of this computer XXX true? XXX.

Login to SlapOS Dashboard

SlapOS Dashboard - Login

Start by logging in to the SlapOS Dashboard.

Servers Menu

SlapOS Dashboard - Server List

Locate the Servers entry on the side menu to access the list of servers. Click on one of the available servers to access its configuration parameters.

Server Configuration

SlapOS Dashboard - Server Configuration

On the configuration parameters, note the Allocation Scope parameter. It determines to whom the server can provide services (a service is an instances of an installed software). The following options are possible:

  • Open/Public: anyone can request an a service
  • Open/Personal: accessible only by the owner of the computer
  • Open/Friend: accessible to a limited group of users - the ones registered on the SlapOS Master XXX true? XXX
  • Closed/Forever: computer is gone and will not be used again
  • Closed/Maintenance: unavailable due to scheduled maintenance
  • Closed/Termination: service allocation stopped due to future termination
  • Closed/Outdated: computer has not contacted SlapOS Master for too long

To change the scope, select one of the available options and click Save

Note, that extending the number of allocation scopes is possible. However, for setting user permissions, it is better to use projects and/or organisations.

Give Administrator Permission to User

For adding new software products and releases on a SlapOS Master and to view accounting and consumption data, a user must have administrator rights. These can be assigned by a superuser like the initial zope user given after installing the SlapOS Master. This section requires to have superuser privileges (for more information on the type of users in ERP5, please refer to differentiating users from the ERP5 documentation).

Login to ERP5 Interface

ERP5 Interface - Login Screen

Go to the ERP5 interface behind your SlapOS Master. If your master has a user-friendly url (like, you can find the backend url in the Frontend Slave connection parameters (access Services menu, locate your Frontend Slave). Remove the web_site_module/hostingjs/ part of the URL and don't forget to logout of the SlapOS Dashboard so you can login on the underlying ERP5 interface with superuser privileges.

Once you are on the login page, login using zope and the password retrieved during configuration of the SlapOS Master (when calling erp5 show -s in the terminal.

Access Person Module

ERP5 Interface - Homescreen

Once logged in click on Persons or select Person Module from the Modules select field.

Find Specific User

ERP5 Interface - Person Module

Locate the person you want to give administrator rights to

Find Assignments of this User

ERP5 Interface - Assignments Tab

Once on the person, click on the Assignments tab.

Find Member Assignment

ERP5 Interface - Member Assignment

Find the Member Assignment and open it.

Associate Group with User

ERP5 Interface - Assign Group

In the right hand menu, update the Group field to SlapOs Company. This will give administrative rights to this user. Click the Save (disk) icon to update the assignment configuration.

Once saved, this user will be able to add new software products and releases besides being able to view accounting and consumption related data.

Logout Superuser

ERP5 Interface - Logout

Logout the superuser account. You are all set.

Associating Users with Projects/Sites

The default way of adding users on a SlapOS Master is through registration (Vifib Registration or registering as a user on a SlapOS network). You can also add users manually in the ERP5 interface following the steps outlined in how to create persons and how to create user logins. However, the recommended way of adding a user is via registration through the Dashboard.

Association of a user means granting certain permissions to user. This is done using assignments, which can include assigning a user to a specific project or assigning a user to an organisation/site. (detailed info in OSOE tutorial on careers and assignments).

Adding Assignments XXX how to do? XXX

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