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    How To Differentiate ERP5, Zope and Developer User

    Information on the types of user in ERP5.
    • Last Update:2017-01-20
    • Version:001
    • Language:en

    This document will explain the difference between ERP5, Zope and Developer users and how to create Zope and Developer users. It does not cover creating ERP5 Users and setting access permissions for ERP5 users.


    Standard ERP5 Users

    ERP5 users are created in the person_module, either by hand (How to create Persons in ERP5) or when using the ERP5 configurator. ERP5 users are day-to-day users working with the data stored in ERP5. They have access permissions defined limiting the areas in ERP5 they can use and the actions available.

    ERP5 User Access Permissions

    ERP5 user viewing permissions are defined through assignments. ERP5 allows to define security on an assignment-basis using parameters like group, role, function and activity. This way a person may have access to all documents related to a project including the rights to read, write and delete objects, while another assignment for a different project will only allow him to read documents.

    Zope Users

    Zope users (like the default user created when instantiating a new ERP5 instance) have access the Zope interface which ERP5 is built upon. This means Zope users can work with data stored in ERP5 but also develop within ERP5, creating new views, forms, action and, workflows etc. Note not all actions may be available to zope users on some portal types.

    Adding Zope Users Using the ACL Interface

    The main Zope Interface can be accessed when logged in as zope user by appending /manage_main to the url. Find the folder called acl-users. The acl-users section allows to assign roles to zope-users. You will have to search a user by username, then click on the "?" of the role you want to assign to this zope user and then add the respective user.

    Note, that the manager role is a custom role with permissions superceeding all 5A security roles and that it is good practice to NOT work with the initial zope user. You should create your own zope user and logout and log back in with this created user to work in zope. It is even better practice to try and use a default ERP5 user account when not having to work with the ERP5 Zope interface itself.

    Developer Users

    The developer user has more rights than the ERP5 and Zope users. Developer users can work on the core level of ERP5. Therefore their access rights cannot be set through ERP5 or the Zope interface. To enable developer access you have to go through the Webrunner interface.

    Adding Developer User Using Instantiation Parameters

    The quick way to add a developer user is to open the parameter tab, add a new parameter with key_ and value {"developer-list": ["your_zope_user_name"]}. Click update values and run "Play" (green button) to re-instantiate your ERP5 instance.