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    How To Set Up SlapOS Client

    How to set up SlapOS client.
    • Last Update:2022-02-07
    • Version:001
    • Language:en


    • Request Token
    • Configure Client
    • Verification

    When accessing Rapid.Space master, the client is identified through X.509 certificates. This certificates are issued by the Rapid.Space master for a user. In order to automate configuration of these certificates for the client, an easy process has been set. Rapid.Space master provides a token to the user which gives it to the configure client to be used to retrieve the certificates and install them. Once these steps are completed the user can access Rapid.Space master information through command line tool.

    Access your Account

    Click Login Account on Rapid.Space Panel

    Rapid.Space Access Account view
    The token for Client configuration is available is personal and available in the "Your Account" section in Rapid.Space Panel located on the right side of the screen. If you are using a small screen or a mobile device, you will need to open this panel by using the menu button on the top left corner.

    Request Token

    Click Token from the page header

    Click Token from tool bar
    If you are using a mobile device or a small window to display the site, it will be the icon with the key logo.

    Request Token

    Click Proceed from the page header

    The token is only generated after you validate this form. If you are using a smartphone, it is the button with a checkbox in the top right corner.

    Request Token

    Copy provided Token

    This token is for one time usage only and is only valid 24h.

    Configure Client

    In your terminal, run the following command

        $ slapos configure client
    This command can be run as any user. It is recommended to run it as your standard user. Make sure you have your token ready before running it. When running the command, you will only be asked for this token that will identify you to Rapid.Space Master.

    Configure Client

    Enter the token and press enter. Your client is configured.


    After running successfully, the command will let you know where it has stored the client configuration. By default this configuration contains only the Master URL and the path to the X.509 certificated used to identify you. It can be extended to add alias for supplying and request Software Release and Instances easily.


    Running the following command must return the following content:

        $ ls ~/.slapos/
    client.crt  client.key  slapos-client.cfg

    After being run successfully, the x.509 are stored in the "~/.slapos/" folder. Thanks to them, you will be able to start managing your account from command line and the Slapconsole. With Slapconsole you can request and manage your instances and install Software Releases on network nodes as if they were managed through the SlapOS Master Dashboard.