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    How To Request A Resilience KVM

    How to Request A Resilience KVM
    • Last Update:2021-03-11
    • Version:001
    • Language:en

    Access Panel

    Access the panel via The Services page is here for you.

    Request KVM

    Now you are in the "Services" page. On the page's navigation bar, you can find a button "Add", click it, you will enter a workflow which will create a software.

    Select Software: KVM

    The first stage is: 1/3 Select one Software. Here you will see a list which contains some softwares, choose "KVM" and click.

    Select Latest Release

    You will enter the second stage: 2/3 Select one Release. Select the latest version of KVM (1.0.168 for example).  

    Select Resilient Software Type

    Now you are in the third stage: 3/3 Request Service: KVM. Input a title for your KVM.

    Select software type "Resilient".  If you don't want to allocate your VM in China, you can click “Proceed” to finish the request. 

    [Optional] If you want to allocate your VM in China, you have to fill the two parameters:

    "Target computer for main instance" : COMP-3079
    "Additional Frontend Instance ID" : SOFTINST-123499

    Note: You havre to select the software type "Resilient" in the previous step to display the parameter option "Target computer for main instance". 

    Click “Proceed”, wait a bit. 


    Verify Software Requested

    In the "Services" page, you can see the KVM you just requested. Click and enter, wait until the "instance" button becoming green. You will find more details about your KVM

    Access KVM

    For example, with the Monitoring Status turning green, there are Connection Parameters for you to access the KVM. You will be navigated to your KVM via url parameter: it will be a noVNC interface, you can start playing your KVM by installing an operating system(Default OS: Debian 10). Note: please select ens3 rather than ens4 when the installation guide asks the network.