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    How To Deploy A VPS With Windows On Rapid.Space

    How to Deploy a VPS with a different OS (Windows) on Rapid.Space.
    • Last Update:2021-11-03
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    How to Deploy a VPS with a different OS (Windows) on Rapid.Space

    This documentation introduces the steps of installing a Windows OS on your VM. Before starting, please be sure that the state bar of your VM is showing green on your panel, which means it is ready for the next step. 

    Prepare Windows OS Image

    Firstly, please follow How To Deploy A VPS With Other OS On Rapid.Space to prepare the Windows OS as well as the virtio-win image.

    Connect to your VM via VNC

    You can refer to


    to connect to your VM via VNC. 

    Restart the VM

    You are supposed to restart your VM to install a new operating system:

    • Click the bottom button to send Ctrl-Alt-Del, the VM should be restart
    • When you see the line: Press ESC for boot menu, click Esc as below immediately

    Select boot device

    As the screenshot showing below, you should press 3 to enter the installation guide of Windows OS

    Windows OS installation guide booting


    Set your preferences

    Select language and other preferences

    Launch Install

    Entered your preferences, you can start to install by clicking Install now button.

    Setup is Starting


    Select OS

    Here we take Windows Server 2019 Standard Evaluation (Desktop) as an example. With the Windows graphical environment, we are able to configure IPv6 address simply by several clicks.

    Accept License Terms

    To continue the procedure, you are supposed to accept the license terms then go Next.

    Select Custom Install

    Select Custom: Install Windows Only (advanced) since it's a brand-new OS.

    Load Driver

    Click Load driver load drivers for installing the networks:

    Validate Load Driver

    Press OK to continue

    Select Driver to Install

    Now you have the driver list to select. Here we select the first one as default then go Next

    If there is no drivers here, please make sure you have virtio-win image prepared as explained How To Deploy A VPS With Other OS On Rapid.Space  

    Wait for driver installation


    Select Drive to Install Windows

    After driver installed, you can select where you want to install Windows on the VM. Here we only have one drive left, so we simply select this one and go Next :

    Wait for installation of Windows to complete


    Restart now

    Wait until the last procedure done, press Restart now to get your new Windows.

    Wait for restart


    Credential Setup

    Set your Administrator's password to login to your Windows.

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