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    How To Share Access With Your Team

    How to share project access information with your project members.
    • Last Update:2021-12-29
    • Version:001
    • Language:en


    • Prerequisites
    • Login to Rapid.Space Panel
    • Access Project
    • Generate Invitation Link
    • Teammate logged on Panel
    • Join the Project
    • Verification

    Projects in the Rapid.Space Panel are a way to organise your services and serverd by project, monitor them all at once and share them with your project team. This tutorial gives step-by-step instruction on sharing project with your team.


    • A project on Panel

    Before you start, please ensure that you have an available project on the panel. The project can be created by adding A New Project.

    Login to Rapid.Space Panel

    SlapOS Dashboard - Login

    Log into the Rapid.Space Panel.

    Access Project

    SlapOS Dashboard - Add Project

    Click Projects button on the sidebar and enter the project created for your team.

    To generate an invitation, please click Invite User button on the toolbar.

    Generate Invitation Link

    The Invitation link will be refreshed when you click Proceed button.

    Your invitation link is meant to be shared with your team. Every invitation link can be used only once, but you can always generate the invitation links as many as needed.

    Teammate logged on Panel

    SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

    The teammate who received the invitation link, should be firstly logged in panel.

    Use the Invitation Link

    SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

    Your teammate can now click/paste the one-time invitation link (make sure to be logged in before clicking). 

    Project Joined

    SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

    You will soon be landed on the success page. Please click Continue to check the project


    SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

    Enter the project list page by clicking Projects button on the side menu. The shared project is displayed on both you and your teammate's list.


    SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

    Enter the project, the service and server added by How To Add A Service To A Project and How To Add A Server To A Project are listed on the project page with status.
    You can always click one of them to monitor or configure the details.


    SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

    The service of the project will also be displayed on your teammate's service list as you do.


    SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

    The server of the project will also be displayed on your teammate's server list as you do