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    How To Add A New Project

    How to add a new project, a way to organise your services by project and share them with your team.
    • Last Update:2021-12-27
    • Version:002
    • Language:en


    • Login to Rapid.Space Panel
    • Access Projects List
    • Add Project

    Projects in the Rapid.Space Panel are a way to organise your services by project, monitor them all at once and share them with your project team. This tutorial gives step-by-step instruction on creating a new project.

    Login to Rapid.Space Panel

    SlapOS Dashboard - Login

    Log into the Rapid.Space Panel.

    Project List

    SlapOS Dashboard - Add Project

    To continue, click on Projects in the side menu. Then click Add .

    Name Project

    SlapOS Dashboard - Name Project

    Give the project a name and an optional description. Click Proceed to continue.

    Project Created

    SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

    Once the project is created you can see that also no computers or partitions are associated to the project directly after creation. To associate a computer with this project, please follow How To Associate A Computer.

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