Update eNB or EPC

How To Update eNB or EPC

This document will show how to modify the parameters on an instantiated eNB or EPC service. It is required to have:

  • A NMS network setup with a SlapOS Master (COMP-ROOT) and first node (COMP-0)
  • An Amarisoft LTE or equiavalent software release installed on a LTE Box (COMP-123)
  • An existing instance of eNB or EPC
  • A user account to the NMS system

Table of Content

  • Updating Instance Parameters

Updating Instance Parameters

Each software usually provides a number of configuration parameters which can be set before instantiating a service (creating an instance). After the service has been instantiated, all parameters are accessible and editable on the service page of the NMS Dashboard.

Note, that updating an instance (for example by changing a parameter), will only update this specific instance. All other instances of the same service remain unchanged. In order to update all instances of a service (for example adding a new parameter), it is required to create a new software release and trigger the update of all instances to change to this new release.

NMS Login

SlapOS Interface - Login

Start by logging into your NMS Master Dashboard.

NMS Dashboard

SlapOS Interface - Dashboard

Click on the Services button on the to see currently instantiated services.

Select Service ENB-EDIT

SlapOS Interface - Service List

Select the ENB-EDIT service. As Amarisoft ENBs require a license to run, this info needs to be provided in the License Key Path field for proper instantiation.

Edit Service ENB-EDIT

SlapOS Interface - Edit Service

Add the License Key Path which in this case points to /etc/amarisoft/.

Save Service ENB-EDIT

SlapOS Interface - Save Service

Click Save in the subheader to update the ENB configuration parameters and trigger a rebuild of the instance.

Save Service ENB-EDIT

SlapOS Interface - Saved Service

Once saved, wait for the instance to be updated. Refresh the page from time to time, it should take a few minutes.

Updated Service ENB-EDIT

SlapOS Interface - Updated Service

After the update, the service could correctly be instantiated (green indicator).

Updated Service ENB-EDIT

SlapOS Interface - Update Service List

Changing other parameters works in the same way. Edit the form, save changes and wait for the instance to be rebuild.

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