Add User to SimcardDB

How To Add User to SimcardDB

This document will guide through the steps of adding a new user to the SimcardDB which will be queried by eNBs in regular intervals for new IDs. For following this howto, it is required to have:

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  • Add User to SimcardDB

Add Simcard to SimcardDB

The eNB will query the SimcardDB in regular intervals for new simcard ids. In this section we will add a simcard to the SimcardDB. You could then investigate when the simcard id becomes available on the eNB and whether it can be used (both steps are not part of the howto).

NMS Login

SlapOS Interface - Login

Start by logging into your NMS Dashboard.

NMS Dashboard

SlapOS Interface - Dashboard

Click on the Services button on the to see currently instantiated services.

List of Instantiated Services

SlapOS Dashboard - Service List

Click Add in the subheader to add a new service.

Create New SimcardId Instance

SlapOS Dashboard - Select Service

Select SimcardDB as this is the service we want to provide. The differentiation between instantiating a new SimcardDB and adding a Simcard will be made using the configuration parameter Software-Type in the next steps.

Select SimcardId Service Version

SlapOS Dashboard - Select Service Version

Please choose the latest version.

SimcardId Configuration

SlapOS Dashboard - Service Configuration Parameters

Select Software Type SimCard, choose the computer which supplied the SimcardDB and fill out the configuration parameters as shown.

Click Proceed to continue.

SimcardId Instantiation

SlapOS Dashboard - Service Instantiation

Refresh the page to see the new instance. Click on it once appears.

SimcardId Connection Parameters

SlapOS Dashboard - Connection Parameters

Wait and refresh the page from time to time until the status changes from Start Requested. Once your instance has been deployed the SimcardId should be propagated to the eNB/EPC associated with the underlying SimcardDB.

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